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Privacy Policy - General Guidelines

This document, bearing the Trade Policy trademark Privacy Policy, is divided into two sections. A detailed section entitled "Privacy Policy - General Guidelines" and a summary entitled "Privacy Policy Specific Indications".

The Trade Coffee brand belongs to VS Trade Srls Via G. Marconi, 26, 95018 Riposto - CT - P. IVA and C.F. 05295110877 (hereinafter also "company" or "company").

Trade Caffè complies with the Privacy regulations, pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003 "Personal Data Protection Code" and the "Personal Data Protection General Regulation" UE 2006/679 which came into force on May 15th 2018.

Scope of application


The user who arrives on the e-commerce of Trade Caffè.com can take a complete and detailed view of the new regulations on Privacy, carefully reading this documentation, whose reading, however, is strongly recommended.

The knowledge of the information on Privacy, hereinafter also "Information", is necessary to understand the policies used by Trade Caffè regarding the personal data of users, their tracking, their collection and management.

This information refers to the trade coffee collection of personal data of users who land on their online pages.

By reading this document, the user can view the following information:



- personal data and sources;

- categories of data collected and methods used;

- cookie policies;

- use of personal data of users;

- disclosure of users' personal data;

- conservation of users' personal data;

- saving and / or transfer of data;

- access to personal data;

- consent to the use of personal data;

- owners and controllers;

- updates to this information.



Personal data and sources


The information you are reading is addressed to personal data collected by Trade Coffee through the following types of sources:


A. Trade Caffè domains (.com) aimed at consumers; pages and mini-sites possibly managed on social networks (eg Facebook).

B. Sites or apps for smartphones aimed at consumers, through which consumers view our products and / or services.

C. Data derived from other sources, such as social networks or search engines (eg Google).


Categories of collected data and methods used


Trade Coffee collects different types of data concerning users, as described below.


Personal data. This is data that the user himself provides to allow the staff of Trade Coffee to be contacted: name, surname, email address, registration data to social networks, telephone number.


Account registration data. It is the data that the user must use to create his own account, such as the login ID, user name, password or security questions and answers.


Demographic data and preference. These are data that describe the user's personal details and his preferences. This category of information includes data on the date of birth, age, gender, place of origin, favorite products, hobbies, lifestyle, habits, geographical origin (CAP :), information.


Technical data. The technical data we collect concern the IP address, the type of IT or technological device that the user uses to access the Trade Caffè pages, the type of operating system and the browser version in use. In the event that the user uses a mobile device (eg smartphone) or an app to access Trade Caffè.com, the stored information will concern, if allowed, the specific ID of the device, geolocation and other similar data, the advertising ID.


Data use websites. The browsing and interaction of the user on Trade Caffè's web pages or newsletters is tracked by means of technologies that deal with the automatic collection of data. This collection is used to derive user behavior on the network, in order to understand which are the most clicked links, the most visited pages, the time spent on them and other similar information. The tools used for this purpose are: cookies, web beacons, flash cookies and third-party tracking systems. All interested parties have the right to oppose the use of these tracking codes, through the procedures indicated in this document.


Market research and spontaneous feedback. Trade Caffè in order to better understand consumers of its products and / or services could operate market research, from which to obtain generic consumption data. The feedback is, instead, opinions spontaneously made by the consumers themselves and serve to understand the satisfaction index of the products or services used.


Data deriving from social networks. Coffee has access to data that every user publishes and shares with everyone on their social network profile. The information regarding this category of data is the basic data of the account, such as: the name, e-mail address, address, gender, date of birth, profile picture, user ID, list of friends, and any other information or activities that the user has chosen to make known on the social used. Trade Caffè also receives all the data, even partial, of the user's profile every time the same download or use a Trade Coffee web application on a social network, use a feature on a social network integrated into a Trade Coffee site (eg Facebook Connect) or interact with Trade Coffee through social networks. In such cases, in order to exercise the opt-out on sharing or know the information regarding the treatment or use of data, the user can visit the website of the reference social network.


Financial data. Trade Caffè collects the data needed to pay for an order placed on its e-commerce page. The subjects involved in the collection of such data may be different, for example consultants who deal with payments on behalf of Trade Coffee. In any case, full compliance with the laws and regulations in force with reference to the safety standards is always guaranteed. The data collected in such circumstances are: name, surname, identification data of the card used for payment. Cookies and other tracking technologies



Cookies. In order for the user to set his own preferences on the cookies used by Trade Caffè, or to have more detailed information on how to use them, he can view the specific cookie policy.


Log Files. Trade Caffè collects data in the form of log files useful for recording information about the website and to create statistics on users' browsing habits. These data are generated automatically and are used to resolve any display errors or system errors, as well as to improve the performance of Trade Coffee web pages and maintain their security.


Web Beacons. Also known as "web bugs", Web Beacons are small strings of code that serve to draw a graphic image on a web page, or on a mail page, in order to send data. Usually, the data collected by means of "web beacons" are the IP addresses or the behaviors adopted by the user within a retargeting campaign. The web beacons used by Trade Caffè could be included in the e-mails of company promotion that the user receives, in order to: know the opening hours of the mail, if the links that are present inside are have been opened, to draw up a traffic report on the Trade Caffè web pages, to count visitors, to process personalized advertising.



Use of the user's personal data


The following paragraphs represent a detailed description of the types of personal data collected by Trade Caffè on its web pages, and the purposes relevant to each category.


Useful data for Customer Service services. These data are collected by Trade Caffè to fulfill the requests of users arising from problems regarding: the status of the order, questions or complaints about products or services, technical issues, generic requests.


Reasons for use:


• fulfillment of contractual obligations;

• legal obligations;

• legitimate interests.


Legitimate interests:

• improvement and development of new products and / or services;

• improve efficiency in relation to the products or services provided to users.


Useful data for marketing services and promotions. With the consent of the users, Trade Caffè uses the personal data of its customers, or visitors, to provide information or promotions about its products or services. Marketing communications, in light of the laws in force, can be made by e-mail, announcements, text messages or phone calls. Some of Trade Caffè's promotional campaigns could also be managed by third-party websites or social networks. However, the use of personal data for these purposes is voluntary, so it can be revoked at any time. To obtain detailed information on how to change your preferences in relation to marketing communications, just look at this information in the paragraphs concerning access and choices of users about their personal data. For all the other information related to the promotional campaigns of the Trade Coffee brand, just look at the notice, or regulation, if any and all.

Reasons for use:

• fulfillment of contractual obligations;

• legitimate interests;

• consent given (if necessary)


Legitimate interests:

• understand which product or services the user likes best and provide information about them;

• define the customer target for new products or services.

Social network. Trade Caffè uses data from social networks, from the "like" option, for example, to present targeted advertising to the public and capture the attention of users. To learn more or exercise the opt-out action, it is possible to read the Privacy Policy of the social network to which it refers.


Reasons for use:

• consent given (if necessary);

• legitimate interests.

Legitimate interests:

• understand which product or services the user likes best and provide information about them;

• define the customer target for new products or services.



Preferences and personalization (online and offline). Trade Caffè with the user's consent (if required and necessary) uses his personal data for the following purposes: analysis of consumption habits; foresee specific consumption needs based on the preferences expressed on the social profile; improve and customize the user experience on the sites or any Trade Coffee apps; optimize the content of Trade Coffee pages for all devices used by the user; to propose personalized advertising based on the consumer preferences detected; allow interactive features at all times when the user wants to use them. For example, they are left in memory: the login ID, the mail or the user name to make sure that the browser is recognized at each new access to the pages of Trade Coffee; retrieve any items previously entered in the e-commerce cart Trade Caffè.shop. Thanks to these data, obtained also with the consent of the interested parties (when requested because necessary), Trade Caffè is able to send users personalized advertising, calibrated on the specific interests detected. The use of personal data of users is voluntary and each user can object to the processing of personal data, following the procedure for the opt-out rule.


Reasons for use:

• consent given (if necessary);

• legitimate interests.


  Legitimate interests:

• understand which product or services the user likes best and provide information about them;

• define the customer target for new products or services.


Order processing. The personal data used in this case refers to the user's personal details and his payment identification data, which are used to process or send the orders that have been made by the user, to inform them of the status of the same, to correct the shipping addresses possibly incorrect, carry out checks on the purchaser's identity, identify other data or information useful for identifying possible frauds.


Reasons for use:

• consent given (if necessary);

• legitimate interests;

• fulfillment of contractual obligations;

• legal obligations;


Legitimate interests:

• improvement and development of new products and / or services;

• improve efficiency in relation to the products or services provided to users.


General purposes: market research, analysis, security. The personal data of users are collected for security purposes, general business purposes, in accordance with the laws in force, purposes related to the measurement of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns activated. Trade Caffè may reserve the right, in case the user is registered to their web pages, to reunite all accounts in a single account.


Reasons for use:


• consent given (if necessary);

• legitimate interests;

• fulfillment of contractual obligations;

• legal obligations;


Legitimate interests:


• improvement and development of new products and / or services;

• improve efficiency in relation to the products or services provided to users;

• protection of the properties and employees of Trade Coffee.


Legal purposes. In the event that the company that owns the Trade Coffee brand is acquired or merged into another company, the personal data of the users could be disclosed to the legal successors. The transmission of personal data will take place in the cases provided for by the laws in force; in response to any legal proceedings initiated; in response to any requests from law enforcement agencies; for the protection of users' rights, their privacy and company security; to respect the terms of any agreements or conditions on the Trade Caffè web pages.


Reasons for use:


• legal obligations;

• legitimate interests;

Legitimate interests:


• compliance with the legal obligations envisaged;

• protection of the properties and employees of Trade Coffee.


Disclosure of personal data


Trade Caffè shares the collected data of the users only with certain categories of companies or subjects and only if strictly necessary. The subjects with whom Trade Caffè shares, or may share in the future, such data are:


1. service providers, consisting of external companies that could assist Trade Coffee to perform certain types of activities, such as order fulfillment, payment processing, fraud detection and identity verification, website operations, market research, promotions, data analysis, and others. In such cases precise instructions are given on the methods and limits of access to the data;

2. debt collection agencies and financial data supply, consisting of external companies that Trade Caffè uses to verify the creditworthiness of the customer or to collect outstanding invoices;

3. third-party companies that use data for marketing purposes, consisting of companies that use personal data for commercial purposes only. In these circumstances, the user is always notified of the presence of third-party companies and is called to give his express consent;

4. third parties operating in legal contexts, consisting of persons appointed to perform any mergers or acquisitions concerning Trade Coffee.



Storage of personal data


In compliance with the Privacy regulations, Trade Caffè retains the data of users collected only for the time necessary to complete the purposes for which they are intended, or for the time required by law. The data that is stored to allow a personalized browsing experience is kept in memory for the duration allowed by the regulations in force.



Saving and transfer of personal data


Trade Caffè constantly strives to ensure that user data is secure. Among the measures adopted to obtain adequate security, there is no intervention in the social network area. The data that users deliberately choose to share in public mode on social networks are not included in the data categories safeguarded by Trade Caffè.


Subjects who have access to personal data of users. The personal data of the users are managed exclusively by the staff in charge and authorized. Each of them will have access to this information limited to the purpose falling within the task to which he is a member (eg the customer care service, if active, will have access to user data that can be defined as "Customers").


Measures taken in the operating environments of Trade Coffee. Trade Caffè uses appropriate security measures on all its digital devices, as well as on its physical premises, to ensure that access to the data in its possession is inhibited by unauthorized personnel. In any case, with regard to the transfer of data via the web it is not possible to guarantee adequate security of the same. This does not mean that even for these circumstances, Trade Caffè will always do its best to protect the data in its possession.


Cautious that it is advisable that the user adotti.Trade Caffè advises each user to better protect their personal data. For this reason, it is advisable to always choose strong enough security passwords, whenever they are necessary when opening an account. In case you use a shared or public computer it is advisable never to memorize your login ID or password.


Transfer of personal data. In the event that Trade Caffè intends to transfer the data collected outside the country of residence of the users, it guarantees to use all the regulatory provisions required to ensure that this is done with the utmost respect.


Access to personal data, modification and cancellation


Access to personal data of users. In the cases provided for by law, interested direct users, their successors, their representatives and / or delegates, have the right to access their data and request information on their sources, as well as to verify and request an electronic or paper copy of all the information collected. from Trade Caffè. To obtain these faculties, it is sufficient to send a specific request to Trade Caffè, taking a look at the contact channels in the specific sections of this document. Any identification data, provided for the fulfillment of the right of access, will be processed by Trade Caffè as established by the laws in force.

Modification or cancellation of personal data. In the cases provided for by the law, interested direct users, their successors, their representatives and / or delegates, have the right to request the deletion or correction or transfer of data, as well as request the opposition to the processing, limit the use of data or withdraw consent for any of the processing activities undertaken by Trade Coffee after the acquisition of the consent given. Keep in mind, however, that Trade Caffè in case of request for data cancellation must also delete the user account. There may also be cases in which, due to obligations deriving from the law or contractual restrictions, Trade Caffè continues to keep the user's data despite the request for cancellation received. Laws sometimes allow to continue with the conservation of users' personal data to respond to specific business needs.

In some cases, the Web pages of Trade Coffee may have a user section dedicated to the request for modification of their personal data and verification of the same. To access this section, it is necessary to perform login operations, in order to verify your identity. This request for access allows Trade Caffè to protect its users from unauthorized access.


Trade Caffè hopes to always be able to respond to the need for verification, modification, access, or cancellation or revocation of user data. However, if it is not possible to respond adequately to the requests of users received in this regard, it is without prejudice to the possibility of contacting the competent authorities for the protection of personal data.

Disclosure of personal data


Trade Caffè commits itself so that the user has full control of his personal data and can freely choose if and when they can be used or disclosed.


Tracking cookies and other codes. The user can communicate his consent in relation to the tracking codes used by Trade Caffè through: the procedures set by Trade Caffè for the management of consent; or your browser in use. In this way it will be possible to refuse all or some cookies or be warned when they are used.


Advertising and marketing purposes. If the user wishes to receive commercial communications from Trade Caffè he may leave his personal data when registering for the planned newsletter, or fill out any promotional loyalty cards, if active, at one of the Trade Caffè stores. In each of these two options there are the cancellation procedures that the user can follow at any time to revoke their consent. If the consent to the commercial information has been made through access from social networks or apps, it will be possible to opt out of marketing communications by changing its decision at any time by deselecting the related boxes. For the revocation of the consent it will always be possible to contact the Trade Coffee assistance service. It is important to clarify that, although the user has withdrawn his consent to receive communications for commercial purposes, he will continue to receive from Trade Coffee any administrative or technical communications, if there are any purchases in progress or other requests in execution (eg modification passwords, account confirmations, requests for information on products or services, etc.).


Profiling and personalization for sending advertising material. When the law allows, you can send targeted promotional offers to each user. The user who no longer wishes to receive these types of communications may revoke their consent following the same procedures indicated in the previous paragraph.


Advertising based on interests and third party service providers .Trade Caffè collaborates with other companies that provide advertising services, in order to spread their brand. Some of the advertisements made on behalf of Trade Coffee are constructed on the basis of the interests shown by users, collected through profiling treatment. The profiling pertains to the behavior of each user on the Trade Coffee pages, as well as on his consumption preferences detected. The user can oppose this type of personalized advertising by following the same procedures indicated in the paragraph "Advertising and marketing purposes".

Modifications on the methods of treatment

In the event that Trade Caffè modifies the processing of personal data of users, it will take care to update this information. For this reason it is recommended to periodically review them.


Privacy policy - Specific indications

This section allows you to have a brief and immediate overview of the main mandatory indications of Trade Coffee Privacy Policy.


Data controller


VS Trade Srls, with registered office in via G. Marconi, 26, 95128, Riposto CT. Fiscal Code and VAT Number n. 05295110877 Registered with the Catania Register of Companies.



Co-owner of the profiling treatment


The third company in charge of the profiling treatment is Slogan Srl, which exercises its own co-ownership only in a subordinate way to VS Trade Srls, with which it shares the only profiling treatments, in relation to the data collected in the shared storage modalities, for the management and creation of advertising campaigns for marketing purposes. This third party company acts under the explicit direction of the Data Controller and only for the purposes indicated in a previously stipulated "co-ownership agreement".


Place of treatment


The processing operations connected to the web services of this Site take place at the administrative and fiscal premises of the companyVS Trade Srls, G. Marconi, 26 - 95128, Riposto (CT). With reference only to profiling data, the processing site can also be considered the operating office of Slogan Creative, at via Trieste n. 37, 95014 Giarre Ct, considering the relationship of co-ownership with the same.



Categories of data processed and related sources


The categories of data processed by Trade Caffè are as follows:


• Navigation data;

• Cookies useful for tracking, to which reference should be made to review the specific Policy;

• Common, identifying, personal and invoicing data;

• Data provided voluntarily by the user.


The sources from which these categories of data come are: web browsing or Trade Coffee pages; cookies and other tracking codes; public sources; user.

Purpose of the treatment


The purposes of the treatments carried out by Trade Caffè are the following:


• Contractual purposes: aimed at displaying the Trade Caffè web pages in order to use the services of Trade Caffè.com, whose terms of sale are available in the section "Terms and Conditions of Sale".

• Marketing purposes: aimed at automatic sending (eg e-mail), or traditional if active (eg sending promotional messages by post, or via phone call with operator), promotions relating to the products and services offered by Trade Coffee ; reports of events concerning the brand or activations of market studies or statistical research.

• Legal obligations: related to the fulfillment of the legal obligations provided for by applicable national and supranational regulations.

• Sending newsletters: provided the user has registered for the service.

• Rights of the owner: necessary for the exercise or defense of the rights of the owner in court.

• Data for the operation of the site: the computer systems need to acquire some data of the user navigator, implicit to the use of the Internet communication protocol, useful for the operation of the Site. These data are not collected to identify the user, nor allow its identification; however, if they are associated with particular computer processing, they could allow identification.



Legal basis of the processing


The legal bases of the treatments carried out by Trade Coffee are the following:


• For contractual purposes: the legal basis is identified in the execution of a contract for which the user is a party for having booked or purchased a Trade Coffee product or service.

• For marketing purposes: the legal basis is the acquired consent of the user, which is optional and revocable at any time.

• For legal obligations: the legal basis is the fulfillment of legal obligations.

• For sending newsletters: the legal basis is the execution of a contract of which the user is a part, or the registration previously carried out by the user for sending newsletters.

• For the rights of the holder and the recovery of any extrajudicial claims: legal basis is the legitimate interest.




Period of retention of personal data


Contractual purposes and purposes related to legal obligations: for the entire duration of the contract and after the termination of the contract for a period of 10 years.

Marketing purposes: storage takes place until the revocation of consent by the user is received. The data related to the purchases will be kept for 24 months, term provided by the provision of the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data of February 24, 2005 and subsequent. mod.

Sending newsletters: until consent is revoked.

For the rights of the holder and the recovery of any out-of-court credits: for the entire duration of the judicial litigation, up to the conclusion of the terms of practicability of the appeals.

Site Operation: data is kept for the entire duration of the browsing session.


Once all the above storage terms have elapsed, the user's data will be deleted or made anonymous, compatibly with the necessary cancellation and backup technical procedures.



Specific data collected for multiple purposes


Trade Caffè collects more personal data from users for the following purposes: contractual, linked to legal obligations, related to the rights of the holder and debt collection. The data collected are as follows: Title, Name, Surname, Fiscal Code, telephone number (landline or mobile), country, address, city, postal code, email address.



Personal data processed for marketing purposes


The data collected by Trade Caffè for purposes related to marketing activities are: title, name, surname, Fiscal Code, telephone number, address, city, postal code, email, data on purchases made, data collected from cookies installed by the Site .



Personal data processed for sending newsletters


Name, surname, email address, date of birth, postal code, city.

Personal data processed for the operation of the Site


The personal data processed for the operation of the Trade Caffè (.com) web pages are:


• IP addresses of users who connect to Trade Coffee pages;

• The Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), addresses in notation of the requested resources, request time, method used to send the request to the server and file size obtained in response, numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server, other related parameters to the operating system and to the user's information environment;

• Information relating to the user's behavior on the Site, relating to the pages visited or searched for in order to select and make specific announcements to the user of the Site;

• Data relating to the user's browsing behavior, obtained through the use of cookies.



Obligation to provide data


1. The provision of personal data indicated under the heading: "Specific data collected for multiple purposes" processed for purposes: contractual, arising from legal obligations, related to the rights of the holder, related to debt collection, is mandatory. The refusal to provide such data, therefore, does not allow the user to use the services of the Site, relating to the booking and sale of products or services.


2. The provision of personal data indicated in the entry: "Personal data processed for marketing purposes" relating to the achievement of the marketing purposes indicated in the paragraph "Purpose of the Treatment" under the heading "Marketing purposes" is optional and subject to consent.


3. The automatic provision of some of the personal data indicated in the entry: "Personal data processed for the operation of the Website" is necessary for the proper use of the Trade Coffee web pages. Other data are used for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous information for purely statistical purposes concerning the correct functioning of the Site, and immediately after their processing are canceled.


Be Coffee particularly cares about the personal data of its users, for this reason in the management of information, which directly or indirectly can allow the identification of the user, uses the principle of "strict necessity". The web pages of Trade Coffee are therefore configured in such a way as to minimize the use of personal data and to limit the processing of potentially identifying data only to cases of necessity or linked to a request from the authorities or the order, or for the ascertainment of responsibility in case of hypothetical computer crimes against the Trade Caffè web pages.



Recipients of the data


User data collected by Trade Caffè may be processed by external parties entitled to request them. These external subjects are: authorities, supervisory and control bodies and, more generally, public and private entities that perform specific functions imparted by Trade Coffee with precise instructions.


The external subjects designated for data processing can be:


- companies that offer advertising or retargeting services by sending e-mails;

- companies that offer CRM software services;

- companies that organize events;

- companies that offer site maintenance and development services;

- companies that offer call center services.



Employees or third parties authorized to process


On the basis of precise instructions and authorizations assigned to him, Trade Caffè employees may have access to the personal data of the users who have been collected for the performance of the processing activities. Third parties to whom the same power of access to data may be referred is attributed to external collaborators of Trade Caffè, who, by carrying out technical and organizational roles, can assume the role of persons in charge of or responsible for data processing.

Rights of the interested party


By using the "Contacts" channel prepared by Trade Caffè on each web page, the interested party can ask the company for access to the data concerning him, in order to obtain limitations on processing or changes, deletions, corrections or additions to incomplete data. , in all the cases provided for by article 18 of the GDPR.

Furthermore, in the event that the processing is based on consent or contract and is carried out using automated tools, each user has the right to receive the entire asset of their data in a well-structured and legible format, and transfer them if feasible without impediment to other eventual Holder.

Furthermore, each user has the right to revoke his consent given for profiling and marketing purposes, including profiling related to direct marketing.

Each interested party can also choose that the marketing purposes to be submitted are carried out by contacting the user through traditional and non-automated contact methods.

In the case of presumed violation, the possibility remains for each user to lodge a complaint with the competent Supervisory Authority of the Member State in which he / she resides on a regular basis.



Data security


Keeping in mind the principles of necessity and proportionality to which Trade Caffè binds all processing of data of its users, all personal information of the interested parties will be processed for a time sufficiently necessary to achieve the purposes for which they are intended. If the established objectives can be achieved by using the data in an anonymous form, Trade Caffè prefers to use the latter, rather than the data that make the user identifiable.

The company has made every effort to adopt specific security measures to prevent the loss of personal data, unauthorized or incorrect use of the same. Trade Caffè remembers to always use devices equipped with security systems suitable for the protection of their data, therefore invites interested parties to use anti-spam and anti-virus filters.


Cookie Policy

This section allows you to have a brief and immediate overview of the main mandatory indications of the Trade Coffee Cookie Policy.

Trade Caffè web pages use cookies and other tracking codes. A cookie is a text string created by a server and stored on the computer or on any other device used by the user to access the internet; the same are then retransmitted to subsequent internet access by the same user.

The main function of cookies is to track user navigation on Trade Coffee pages in order to memorize their preferences on the language chosen or the currency used for a purchase, to keep them in memory and make them automatically active at the next access.

Cookies have a variable duration: they can be stored on the user's computer permanently, c.d. persistent cookies; or they may have a limited duration only to the browsing session, c.d. session cookies; moreover, they can be installed from the Site that the user is visiting, c.d. first-party cookies, or from other websites c.d. third-party cookies.



Data controller


VS Trade Srls with registered office via G. Marconi, 26 - 95018 - Riposto Ct; Fiscal Code and VAT number P.IVA e C.F .: 05295110877.



Purpose of the treatment


Technical navigation cookies: Trade Caffè uses first-party cookies, session cookies and persistent cookies, to allow the user a more secure and efficient navigation and use of the web pages linked to the brand. Cookies allow you to memorize the choices of users and all their behavior related to online browsing. This allows you to remember the preferences expressed by users or store what products, for example, the buyer had placed in the cart before leaving the page.


Profiling cookies: they are used by Trade Caffè to store users' browsing preferences and group them in standard profiles, thanks to which it is possible to send promotions or targeted communications. Trade Caffè may activate the use of third-party cookies to ensure that the user can view business proposals in line with their interests, through the retargeting services.


Analytical cookies: Trade Caffè in its web pages uses analytical cookies, necessary for the collection of information on the use of the Site. In particular, uses Google Analytics whose settings provide for sharing data with Google, in order to use the following services:

- benchmarking, or participation in anonymous data collection to better understand the behavior of users on the network;

- Google technical assistance.

For more details, the user can visit

The default setting of analytical cookies makes it possible to store the entire IP address of users of Trade Caffè pages, to provide general geographic data.

The user has the option to uninstall the analytical cookies from Google, by downloading a plug-in available on his browser at the following address:



Legal bases for processing


The legal bases of the treatment codes used by Trade Caffè are:


• Technical navigation cookies: execution of a contract of which the user is a Party.

• Profiling cookies: consent acquired through an informative banner, optional and revocable at any time.

• Analytical cookies: legitimate interest.



Period of retention of personal data


Technical navigation cookies and analytical cookies: the first are present for the entire duration of the browsing session, the latter even after the end of it.

Profiling cookies: they remain in function until the revocation of the acquired consent of the user. The possible cancellation of profiling cookies occurs by deleting them from the browser cache.

Once the above storage terms have expired, the personal data of the users will be made anonymous or destroyed or deleted, compatibly with the backup procedures.



Obligation to provide data


When accessing Trade Caffè web pages, the user sees the information banner. By closing the banner or proceeding with navigation, or by clicking on an image or a link, the user gives his consent. The consent to the use of cookies is recorded by means of a "technical cookie". You can view and disable third-party cookies by continuing to read this document and following the instructions below.



Subjects authorized to treatment


The user can oppose the registration on cookies by configuring their browser to disable them. Below are the procedures of the main browsers used:


• Internet Explorer>

• Chrome>

• Firefox>

• Safari>


If you proceed with the deactivation of cookies, some functions may not be performed correctly.



Cookies used by Trade Caffè


Cookie name







Transfer of personal data 

to countries not belonging to the European Union


Trade Caffè does not transfer the data collected through cookies in any of the countries not belonging to the European Union.


Subjects authorized to treatment


The data collected through cookies will be processed by employees, collaborators or external subjects, who perform tasks of a technical-organizational nature on behalf of Trade Caffè, which have been assigned to them in relation to the management of the brand's web pages.

To know the details of any data processors, if appointed, you can contact the company keeping in mind the references included in the "Contact" section.


General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Scope of


The orders that the user makes for the purchase of Trade Coffee products or services can be made via the internet and telephone and are subject to these General Conditions of Sale. The same are formulated in full compliance with the current regulations on contracts concluded outside the business premises, or remotely.

Once the order has been sent, the user implicitly declares that he has read and accepted the Trade Coffee Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Please note that the conditions applicable to orders are those in force at the time of sending the order. The company reserves the right to modify these Terms of Sale at any time, advising the user with appropriate publication on its web pages.


User registration


In order to make purchases of products offered by Trade Caffè, the user must make a registration indicating their data correctly and completely. In case of changes, the user is asked to update the data entered. When registering, the user must choose a password to confirm the entry of his login information by email received. All registration data are strictly personal and can not be disclosed to third parties. The user assumes direct responsibility for any loss or loss of his password or customer code, as well as for any orders transmitted by third parties who fraudulently used his login data. If the user is aware of cases in which third parties may have defrauded their access credentials, please notify Trade Caffè. By registering and creating your account, you consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the provisions of Law 675/96 and subsequent.

Trade Caffè collects registration data to promote its products and monitor the company's efficiency in terms of delivery times and methods or any returns.



Orders are made by linking to the Trade Caffè web pages where the purchase section is provided, or by telephone or fax, in the references indicated in the "Contact" section. With the transmission of the order, the user undertakes to purchase the selected products on the pages of Trade Caffè, in accordance with these General Conditions of Sale. Orders, once transmitted to the system, can no longer be modified or blocked, therefore it is the responsibility of the user to make sure that they are correct before confirming them. Upon order, the user will receive a confirmation from Trade Caffè via e-mail, where the specifications of the purchase will be indicated.

Trade Caffè reserves the right to refuse orders sent by the user, at its discretion, in particular for cases of previous invoices not paid or other reasons.

The data recorded by Trade Caffè will be valid as proof of the order request and of the entire transaction. The data recorded through the payment system will constitute proof of the financial transaction.



Required products unavailable

If the user places an order asking for goods not available at the time of the request, Trade Caffè will take care to send an email alert, or contact the user by telephone contact (if any), through which the unavailability occurred. Following the warning, the user can choose one of the options offered by Trade Caffè:

- wait for the arrival of the selected products, according to the times indicated by the company;

- make a product change;

- get a refund.

Optionally, the user can agree with the company the necessary methods of delivery, product change or refund.

Price products


The prices referring to each product are intended to be operating until they are updated and disclosed with due modifications. The applicable prices for the products ordered are therefore those in force at the time the person places the order. The price of shipping is not included in the cost of the product or service. This additional cost will be visible when the products are added to the shopping cart under "total" to be paid. Prices are inclusive of VAT.

Trade Caffè reserves the right to modify its price lists and shipping costs at any time, as well as to cancel an order in case of detected errors in the data entered or in the cost calculation system.



Terms of payment


The purchase of products offered by Trade Caffè web pages includes the following payment methods: PayPal, PayPlug (Credit Cards), Satisfy, Wire Transfer, Cash on delivery valid only for the Italian territory, with an increase of € 5.00 on the total cost order.

Invoices are sent to the buyer via email, but it is also possible to download them in the "Download" section if present.


Goods ordered on delivery rejected without justified reason

If the user has chosen the payment method on delivery and without justified reason has not completed the purchase by returning the goods to the sender, Trade Coffee reserves the right not to accept future orders with the same payment method received from the same name or intended for the same address.



Trade Coffee Return Policy and Withdrawal Right


Return is possible within 14 days with unopened packaging.

Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

In case of return of purchases with free shipping included in the price, the cost incurred for shipping the goods, equal to a one-off payment of 10.00 euros, will be deducted from the refund, which will be deducted from the reimbursement amount.

Pursuant to art. 5 of Legislative Decree 185/1999 on the subject of distance sales, the Consumer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract without particular reasons, without providing any explanation, and under the conditions described below.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer must send a registered A / R within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the goods, directing it to VS Trade Cafè xxxxxxx

Trade Coffee will accept the returned goods only if received in good condition, with original packaging intact.

The goods must be accompanied by the relative invoice and must be returned to Trade Caffè within 30 days from the delivery date.

Once the Trade Coffee withdrawal request has been received, if necessary, it will (after verification) provide for the possible replacement of the missing or damaged product, in accordance with the order placed. The shipping costs for sending the returned goods are charged to the Consumer.

If Trade Caffè will detect an adequate compliance of the return procedures made by the Consumer, it will refund the price of the returned goods and the related shipping costs invoiced, within a maximum of 30 days.



Vector - Shipping and Costs



The principal carrier to whom Trade Caffè entrusts the shipment of its products is DHL, but could also use other companies that offer shipping services. For Italy, DHL express Italy delivers within 48 hours and offers a tracking service for shipments called "search for shipments" available at the following link -

The carrier interfaces with the recipient through text messages (and other systems) with which the recipient can change to the last date and place of delivery according to their needs, in order to improve the last phase of the experience of purchase according to the steps: navigation - order - payment - delivery. For the user it may be useful to view the following links:


and also


For shipments abroad but falling within the European territory, the carrier used is DHL economy europe, which takes care of transport on wheels in almost all European countries in 4-6 working days. For deliveries outside the European territory, the operating carrier is DHL International express that deals with the transport of goods by air with delivery in 48 hours - 72, all over the world.


Link to follow the shipments

For more information on the services just consult the official website of DHL.


Shipping costs in Italy:

• fixed costs of € 10;

• free shipping exceeding 75 euros of expenditure.


To view shipping costs in Europe and in the rest of the world, see: economy europe - express worldwide -> estimated according to destination and size of parcels.

Delays and causes of force majeure


Trade Caffè undertakes to ensure that all obligations assumed are complied with exactly as the related obligations establish. However, the causes that are beyond the control of the company regarding: strikes, natural disasters, civil or military disturbances, or any other impediment that makes the execution of the contract impracticable, in terms of production, transport and delivery, can not be charged to Trade Coffee.


Jurisdiction and place of application of the law


These General Conditions of Sale are governed by Italian law. Anything that is not expressly stated in these Conditions of Sale is governed by Legislative Decree 185/99 "Implementation of the Consumer Protection Directive on distance contracts".


For any controversy regarding the products or services of the competent court is that of Catania.



Processing of Personal Data


Pursuant to Law no. 196/03, the customer acknowledges that the "personal data" communicated and / or exchanged, even during the pre-contractual information phase, will be processed according to the effects and with the purposes set out in art. 12, paragraph 1, letters b), c), d) and f) of Law n. 196/03 and subsequent amendments and additions.

It is also understood that the customer expressly consents to the transfer of "personal data" pursuant to and by effect of art. 28 paragraph 4 letter a) of Law no. 196/03 and, in any case, to their communication and dissemination pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 20 paragraph 1 letter a) of the aforementioned law.


Communications and Complaints

For any complaints, or any other communication or notification that you want to provide, the customer can contact VS Trade Srls via G. Marconi, 26 - 95018 - Riposto Ct; or by PEC writing to