All appliances sold in our store are guaranteed as provided by Legislative Decree 09/06/2005 n. 206, carried by the controller Tradecaffè.

For the application of the warranty and 'request:
- The presentation of the copy of the tax document
- The packaging of the original object reshipment (not liable for any damage to products shipped in assistance without the original packaging)
- The payment in full of round-trip transportation for products subject to warranty terms expenses

-if possible, you can contact an authorized service center for the home appliance brand bought by showing proof of purchase.

The duration of the warranty and 'to be considered:
- 24 months (12 + 12) for the final consumer, from the date of purchase and issuance of the tax document.
In the first 12 months of purchase the warranty covering defects and failures occurring without any burden of proof of faultiness' by the customer. Over the next 12 months, the warranty covers only manufacturing defects.
- 12 months for purchases made by professional users or VAT number holders, from the date of purchase and issuance of the tax document.

For coffee 'machines you are always excluded from the warranty malfunction due to:
- Failure due to wear (Ex. Limestone - components consumed by normal wear and tear)
- Inappropriate use of the machine (Ex. Attempts to use types of capsules not conforming to the product purchased) - Breach of the maintenance procedures of the machine (Ex. Periodical decalcification - periodic cleaning of the tank - cleaning gear - parts subject to normal wear and replacement)
- Improper use or non-compliant machine
- Damage to components (eg. Water - falls - shock - damage - electrical surges - neglect)